U.S. Reselling and Representation Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in GTX Corp’s GPS SmartSole®. We currently offer 4 types of partnerships ranging from online affiliate, regional commissioned sales representative, brick and mortar retailer and authorized reseller/distributor.  Reseller and distributor opportunities are available for companies prepared to commit to quarterly and annual quantity forecasts. For this and any other business partnership inquiry, please use the contact form below.

Get Started: The GTX Corp SmartSole® Affiliate Program

For businesses and agencies in the USA, there are no pre-requisites for becoming an Affiliate (except that you have a website, or assist customers with ordering GPS SmartSole online.) As an Affiliate you promote the SmartSole online or in your community and make commission on your sales.  Representing SmartSole means your customers order directly through the GPS SmartSole online store, therefore, you don’t have to deal with collecting the money, returns or any billing issues! All the commission, none of the headache!

To get started as an “Online Affiliate” through the Share-A-Sale automated commission tracking and payment system go to our Share-A-Sale intro page!  Signing up with Share-A-Sale sets up your unique affiliate link to the GPS SmartSole online store and tracks any leads that come from you! All sales that come through your affiliate link will be automatically credited to you.  Use your affiliate link to assist your customers to place their order, or simply post a clickable SmartSole ad graphic on your website and let your website do the work for you! 

Details of Affiliate Program :

Earn 15% for each sale
Bonuses and enhanced commissions for top producers
180 day cookie
Eye-catching Banners and Text links available
Choose auto-direct deposit or receive a check
Professional Affiliate Management

Regional Sales Representative:

Are you currently servicing or selling to the Senior Care, Autism, or Security industry? Contact us through the form below so we can review your qualifications, your target market, and your territory. In the message section, please include information  referencing the above, and a brief CV, bio or company profile.

GTX Corp offers certain territory-based commissioned sales representative opportunities.  As a Sales Rep. we will send you marketing materials including brochures, business cards, a hanging banner and a live pair of GPS SmartSoles for demonstrations at trade shows and events. Moreover, we will list your contact information on our website, and direct any local customer leads to you.

Commissions for Sales Representatives are also managed through the Share-A-Sale system, but the commission percentage is calculated on individual basis determined by performance and qualifications.

Authorized Retailer:

For brick and mortar or catalog retailers, the Authorized Retailer program also utilizes the Share-A-Sale Affiliate link.

Assist your customers with understanding how the technology works, and place their order through the online store on their behalf. You may even have the product shipped directly to your store so you may better assist your customers with the set up of the device. Particularly in the senior market, using technology and ordering online can be challenging for your customers! Build repartee and loyalty with your customers by helping them with this purchase and increase foot traffic to your store. We often hear from potential customers that they’d love to buy the product, if they could only have help to order and get started.

As an Authorized Retailer we would promote your store location on our website and direct local customer leads to you. Some Authorized Retailers may elect to have inventory of GPS SmartSoles available in house. For full partnering details and retailer pricing, contact us through the form below.


If your business is interested in buying and reselling a minimum of 100 GPS SmartSole devices®, please contact us through the form below including your company’s history, current products lines, markets and territories you sell and support. Before placing your commercial order, we highly recommend you purchase an Evaluation Kit so you may test the product and service. Eval. Kits are $249 with free activation. Indicate in the contact form below that you would like to purchase an Eval. Kit and we will respond accordingly.

As a Sales Representative or Authorized Retailer, you may be interested in boosting your visibility with this custom counter top display. Great for trade shows and point of sale display, this collapsible acrylic stand is perfectly designed to feature the GPS SmartSole® in a way that is striking and informative.

Check out the full details here:

Download the GPS SmartSole® Countertop Display Order Form

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