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Using GPS SmartSole For Outdoor Adventures

By Jane Weyman GPS SmartSole improves the safety of your family and loved ones. But this safety can also expand what’s possible, allowing you and your family to enjoy activities like camping that might not have been possible. They allow... Read More

Helping People with Anxiety Who Wander

By Jane Weyman Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults and causing a myriad of symptoms, which can include wandering. While healthy adults can find taking a walk outdoors to be an effective... Read More

5 Travel Tips for Seniors on the Go

By: Richard Wright Just because you’re in your golden years doesn’t mean you have to stay rooted to one spot. Retirement offers wonderful opportunities for seniors from all walks of life to get out there and experience the world. Here... Read More

Helping an Elderly Loved One Who Wanders

By: Jane Weyman Memory loss is the most oft cited symptom of dementia, but did you know that six out of every 10 people with this disease will wander? A person with Alzheimer’s may become disoriented and suddenly leave the home, or take... Read More
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