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Driving with Alzheimer’s

The dangers of driving with Alzheimer’s, a safe alternative to driving is walking and having a pair of wander guard GPS SmartSoles. Peace of mind, safety and security knowing your loved one can be easily found if they get lost.... Read More

GTX Corp Announces Launch of Take-Along Tracker 3G!

Interested in other GPS Tracking Solutions? The GTX Corp Take–Along Tracker 3G is the latest and greatest in 3G miniaturized wearable GPS tracking technology. Waterproof and dirt resistant, this robust device is strong enough to handle the outdoors, but at just... Read More

Merck CEO: Alzheimer’s Tsunami Coming

By Matthew Wisner Published January 10, 2017 Business Leaders FOXBusinessOpens a New Window. Merck CEO: Seeing ‘revolutionary change’ in the cure for cancer Merck CEO Ken Frazier on the company’s drug pipeline, the research into Alzheimer’s drugs, drug pricing, potential... Read More

Parents! Join in a Medical Research Survey About Autism

GTX Corp has been in the business of developing wandering assistive technology for over 10 years, and we know that wandering, particularly by children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders, is a serious safety issue and stressor upon families and communities. ... Read More