Monitoring Service

Basic Online Monitoring Service Plan

Monitoring Service powers your GPS SmartSole and makes mapping easy. Here is how it works:

Go Online

Use a computer, tablet or smartphone to go online and view the location history on a map. Just login to the online portal, no additional software needed. Simply login to your account on the GTX Monitoring Portal and the map is right there!

Pin Point Location

You can easily track the GPS SmartSole on a map where you can see a pin marking the last location and the tracking trail. The map will tell you the address of the GPS SmartSole, whether it was stopped or in motion, the direction it was headed, as well as the time of the update.

Keeping Watch

 You may share the access to your account on the GTX Corp Monitoring Portal with as many people as you want. Multiple caregivers can log in at the same time so GPS SmartSole empowers your whole care giving team!

Mobile Tracking

For caregivers on the go, use the SmartLocator App, included in your monitoring plan, to get location updates at the touch of a button. App download for iOs Apple App Store & Android Google Play Store

Monitoring Need-To-Know & FAQs

How much does the Basic Monitoring Service Plan Cost?

The Basic Monitoring Service Plan is $29.95 per month or $74.95 per quarter. You must select your Monitoring Service Plan when you purchase your GPS SmartSole, although your first payment is charged 20 days later.

Where does the GPS SmartSole work?

In the United States, the GPS SmartSole will work across all 50 states on compatible 2G cellular service using the T-Mobile network. Before you buy, you should check out the T-Mobile coverage map for available 2G coverage in your area.
To check for 2G T-Mobile coverage, call T-Mobile’s Tech Support Line: 1-877-453-1304 Say “I don’t have one” when they ask for a T-Mobile number. Speak to a representative about “2G coverage for [ZIPCODE]”. Make sure they check 2G and NOT 3G / 4G.

How reliable is the coverage?

More or less, where your mobile phone works, GPS SmartSole will work- in the T-Mobile cellular network! Typically, out doors in good cellular coverage areas, GPS SmartSole is pin point accurate and updates every 5 minutes. However, like your cell phone, it may lose either GPS or cellular connectivity in some buildings, underground or in remote areas. Test your GPS SmartSole for connectivity when it arrives.

Do I need to be a T-Mobile customer to use GPS SmartSole?

Your Monitoring Service Plan is powered by GTX Corp and is independent of your cellular carrier. You do not need to be a T-Mobile customer to use GPS SmartSole, the Monitoring Portal or the Smart Locator App.

Will GPS SmartSole work outside the USA?

Like a cell phone, GPS SmartSoles purchased in the U.S. will only work in the U.S., and the SIM card cannot be exchanged. For customers outside of the United States, click here for a list of additional GPS SmartSole countries.
Looking to track someone traveling internationally? Turn a cell phone into a tracking device. Enable an international data plan on your existing mobile device and download the Track My Work Force app.