Wearable Bluetooth – Notification for Wandering

When caring for those affected by Alzheimer’s, dementia, Autism or other cognitive disorders, it is imperative to know if your loved one has wandered outside. SoleGuard™ provides a low cost and convenient indoor monitoring solution. This smart, wearable technology is equipped with sensors that report when the wearer enters or leaves a room or building.


  • SoleGuard™ looks and feels like regular insoles
  • Easy Set Up – plug in & pair the Hub to Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • Set your range to monitor a small room, or large room
  • No recharging, SoleGuard™ battery lasts over a year
  • Email alerts can be sent to multiple caregivers
  • Comfortable, ergonomic insoles fit most shoes, sizes 4-14
  • Water and Dirt Resistant
  • Anti-Friction Fabric wicks moisture away from the foot

SoleGuard™ keeps you informed on the whereabouts of loved ones.

SoleGuard™ is not yet available for purchase, however we have a limited supply available for business evaluation only.

ble map 2 lgw

How does it work?

  • The SoleGuard™ contains a Bluetooth low energy chip, which reports to a central Hub.
  • If the insole gets too far away, the hub utilizes a Wi-Fi connection to update the status online and send alerts.
  • To set up, simply plug in the Hub to a standard power outlet, pair it with your SmartSole and Wifi network using theSoleGuard™ App set up assistant.
  • Set the perimeter range and the hub will send alerts whenever the insoles go out of this area.
  • Login to the online SoleGuard™ Monitoring Portal to see real time status updates & alerts.
  • Set up automatic email alerts to multiple caregivers.

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