Trimmable Sizes

Sizing Guide Intl

The GPS SmartSole® is available in two trim-to-fit sizes for adolescents and adults.

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Sizing Tips:

While the length of the toe area can be trimmed significantly, the smallest width size that GPS SmartSole will fit into is a Men’s 5 Wide or a Women’s 7 Wide. These are the smallest recommended sizes for GPS SmartSole and trimming the width of the insole below the indicator line could damage the device and will void your warranty.

The GPS SmartSole is about 3/4″ thick at the thickest point of the heel. It fits well in an athletic or orthodic style tennis shoe or boot, but would not fit in a sandal, heeled or women’s flat shoe.

While a majority of surveyed customers rate GPS SmartSole between “comfortable” and “very comfortable”, the width and thickness of GPS SmartSole can feel noticeably different from the original shoe. Therefore, many caregivers recommend buying a new shoe to introduce at the same time as the GPS SmartSole.