What Is GPS SmartSole?

GPS SmartSole® is a GPS tracker hidden and sealed within a water-resistant, trimmable shoe insert. This smart GPS tracker requires 2G cellular coverage, until we launch our 4G SmartSole model later this year. Test to ensure 2G cellular coverage in your area, available in about 50% of the country. SmartSole must be charged every day, and requires service plan – all just like a smartphone- to automatically update its location on an online map. THE KEY ADVANTAGE: GPS SmartSole® is discreet and your loved one won’t forget to bring it with them.

Caring For Someone Who Wanders.

2G GPS SmartSole



SERVICE PLAN: Choose Monthly- $29.95 or
Quarterly- ($24.98/mo. x 3 mo. billing) $74.95

LIMITED COVERAGE: Requires Testing for Coverage on the 2G T-Mobile Network
14 Day Return Policy (must be untrimmed & unworn)

4G SmartSole Pre-Order Reservation


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Coverage Test Procedure

Because cellular signals may be affected by building structures, location and geography, and because 2G cellular coverage is not available everywhere, GPS SmartSole® may not work in your area. You must test your GPS SmartSole® for satisfactory cellular connectivity, before trimming or wearing it.

You may test your GPS SmartSole® either carried by hand, in a purse or bag, or in a car. Charge the right GPS SmartSole® and verify that it reports on the Portal. Over the course of a few days, carry the right sole through the primary areas where the wearer may travel.

  • Verify that location reports are received in a timely manner.
  • Verify the accuracy of the received location reports.



Battery & Charging

Sole Materials

Sole Dimensions



GPS Device

– Women’s 7.5 Wide – 14
– Men’s 5 Wide -12

– Men’s 12 – 15
(More Sizing Info. Here)

Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer
Battery Capacity: 660 mAh
Battery Power: 3.7 Volts
Battery Life: 18 – 48 hours
Battery Saver: Motion Sense Sleep Mode
Charging Time: 2-4 hours
Charging Pad Size: 3.6 in. diameter
Cable Length: 60 in.

Top Material: Microcell anti-friction fabric
Sole Material: Polyurethane
Water Resistance: Protection from moisture, sprays and splashing of water.
Care Warning: Spot Clean Only, Do not Puncture, Do not immerse in water. GPS SmartSole is not intended for use in high impact activities. Individual durability may vary with physical activity, walking patterns, e.g. gait, and weight (individuals weighing more than 250 lbs may experience decreased product performance or life).

Heel Thickness .485 in.
Arch Thickness .9 in.
Toe thickness .12 in.
Minimum Trim Length: 7.45 in.
Size Medium Length: 11 in
Minimum Trim Length: 9.4 in.
Size Large Length: 12.5 in.
Size Medium Width: 3.7 in.
Size Large Width: 4 in.

Size Medium Weight: Right 3 oz. / Left 2 oz.
Size Medium Weight: Right 3.5 oz. / Left 2.5 oz.
Size Large Weight: Right 4.0 oz. / Left 3.0 oz.

GPS SmartSole works in covered areas across all 50 states using the sunsetting T-Mobile 2G cellular network. You MUST TEST your GPS SmartSole for connectivity when it arrives. Plan to test it for connectivity for a day for two before use. 4G Model in development for end of 2020.

Model #: GTX-GSS-01
GPS Data: Latitude/Longitude, Speed, Bearing, Altitude
GSM Type: 2G GSM Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
SIM/ Network Carrier: Both T-Mobile & Rogers Networks
FCC Certified ID: 2AD9S-GTXGSS01
IC Certified ID: 9664A-GTXGSS01
CE Certified
TSA: Not Approved for In-Flight Use


SmartSole not in your size? Need a longer battery life? Something for kids?
Take-Along Tracker – a mini tracker small enough for a pocket, keychain or lanyard. 2 week battery, waterproof.
Take-Along Friends – Tracker for Children! A hidden tracker inside a cute stuffed toy- 2 week battery.

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