Autism & Developmental Disabilities


Dear Parents, Educators and Caregivers,

We know that raising a child or caring for someone with autism or developmental delays can bring you moments of indescribable stress. We are families just like you, who frequently worry that their loved one may wander away. And for many of us, this concern only grows as your children enter adulthood! At this age, care-giving aid and service benefits decrease, while a desire for independence and exploration increases!

How do you promote the quality of activity and experience for your loved one while maintaining their safety? How do you keep track of someone who is prone to wander, leaving everything behind? How do you put a strange, or uncomfortable lock-on tracker onto someone with paranoid tendencies? We asked these same questions, and it led us to the shoe!

GTX Corp provides wander prevention and recovery SOLUTIONS through our award-winning, patented wearable tracking technologies including our GPS SmartSole® and Take-Along Tracker, GPS Invisabelt and Take-Along FRIENDS (tracking toy). What is the GPS SmartSole®? Think Dr. Scholl’s meets LoJack! — the world’s first invisible wearable GPS recovery assistance device created for those at risk of wandering due to autism, down syndrome, developmental disability, traumatic brain injury, or any other cognitive disorder.

Know where they are at the touch of a button. Set up geozone alerts to get a text or email if they leave. Imagine knowing where they are all day long! For about $1 per day, we sincerely believe our monitoring solutions can greatly impact your family, providing peace of mind for you and a higher quality of life for your loved one.

Wishing you security and peace of mind,

Patrick Bertagna

New Kids Trackers PR

SmartSole for Autism FAQs

Some top questions from parents & caretakers like you:

What is the smallest size of GPS SmartSole?

SmartSole is now available in size Small! Trims down to a big kid size 3. For full sizing information, see our sizing guide.

We do not have children sizes available at this time. However, GTX Corp offers a range of tracking solutions to meet your needs. In addition to GPS SmartSole check out these products which all integrate into the GTX Corp Monitoring Portal and can be used in combination. Take-Along Tracker 3G- This mini tracker hides easily in a pocket, bag, back pack or toy!

By chance, does your child have their own smartphone? Track it with the Track My Workforce App! Stealthy and only $5 per month!

Is it waterproof?

Research shows that those with Autism and other developmental delays seem to be drawn to bodies of water. Will your GPS SmartSole be okay if they decide to splash around? Yes! GPS SmartSole is water resistant, protected from sprays of water within the shoe environment. This includes weather like rain or snow, puddles, even urination. GPS SmartSole will not work while submerged underwater, and should not be exposed to water directly. After the shoes have gotten wet, clean and dry your insoles as quickly as possible.

Will my loved one notice the insole?

Because Autism is a spectrum, it’s difficult to say whether or not your child/patient will be aware of the GPS SmartSole. It is noticeably thicker than a typical insole liner, so we recommend loosening the lacing of the shoe the first time you use it; then when you re-tie the shoe you can tighten it comfortably. Some parents introduce completely new shoes at the same time as the GPS SmartSole, but this is not necessary if your loved one is especially attached to their current shoes.

Can GPS SmartSole fit inside a sandal?

No, GPS SmartSole cannot be trimmed or worn with an open style sandal, ladies heel or flip flop. Like all orthotic insoles, it requires a closed shoe to remain in place. We recommend an athletic shoe, loafer or boot.

Is there any financial assistance for GPS SmartSole?

Many autistic young people have been given the GPS SmartSole at low or no cost by some of the following agencies: State Department of Developmental Disabilities, Regional Centers, local police departments, schools, and private insurance. Your community, state and insurance may help you, but experiences vary. We encourage you to read over our Insurance Assistance Page, print out the document at the bottom, and speak with your case worker/social worker to get started.

Will I get an alert if they wander off?

Yes, set up geozones around your important addresses to get email or text messages when the boundary is crossed. Geozones are 200 meters, minimum, so it doesn’t alert you the moment they’ve left your front door. In addition to the geozone notifications, GPS SmartSole updates its location every 5 minutes, telling you the speed and direction they were headed.

Using GPS SmartSole

Video demonstration by Autism expert and parent, Lynette Louise

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