Care Providers and Residential Facilities

Welcome professional caregivers and assisted living communities! Unlike other generic GPS tracking services, GTX Corp specializes in client/patient/resident monitoring and wandering recovery solutions. We have spent over a decade working with caregivers like you to build products and services customized around your needs and requirements.

  • The feature that distinguishes the GPS SmartSole® from other wandering assistive GPS tracking devices for seniors is that it is the world’s first and only invisible tracking technology. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia, the ability to hide the technology inside a shoe preserves the privacy and dignity of the wearer – an essential component of “resident centered” care for those in independent or traditional assisted living environments.
  • In the later stages, confusion and paranoia are the primary manifestations of the disease. Those afflicted can become agitated and attempt to remove unfamiliar or locked on items, a struggle which can cause injury to themselves or caregivers.
  • Finally, we know that procedural memory is the last type of memory preserved in those with Alzheimer’s which includes habitual memory actions like getting dressed (or remaining dressed if assisted by others).Tracking technology that is NOT worn protects no one, so for all the above reasons, unobtrusively placing wearable GPS tracking technology in a shoe maximizes the odds it will be on the wanderer when needed.

Professional Caregivers Have Said:

“GPS SmartSole totally allows our residents to remain here in our Home without them having to be discharged to another facility. This is their Home now and it would be very sad if they had to leave because of their potential to wander. GPS SmartSole is truly a life saver for all of us!”

Ruthie Horton, NHA, , Mullen Home, Little Sisters of the Poor

“The GPS SmartSole has been a great tool for us to be able to allow our clients to continue to live independently, yet under our caring watchful eyes. Our only problem is keeping the SmartSole charged, but we are working on that.”

Y.B., Senior Care Facility Manager

“To them, [the resident] it’s just a sole. It’s not a GPS tracking device. Where we’ve seen a lot of people with bracelets, wander guard, other systems in place, they don’t want to wear them.”

Danielle Flippin, JABA, North Carolina

SmartSole device

Our suite of wandering assistive wearable technology comes with a portal and mobile app. Toggle between a map showing all your residents on one screen, or zoom in to the tracking history of an individual. It’s easy to use, and can be set up for multiple caregivers empowering your entire caregiving team to respond quickly, avoiding potential harm and injury.

We want to work with you!

We offer many solutions and various tracking devices which can be used in combination, from GPS / outdoor tracking, to Bluetooth / indoor tracking, to emergency S.O.S. calling. Please contact us about a custom plan for your facility. We extend special pricing for professional care agencies and facilities, as well as Evaluation Kits and pilot program enrollment.

U.S. based facilities, nursing homes and other professional care agencies please contact

Insurance or Government Disability Assistance personnel, learn more about how GTX Corp will work with you on our Insurance/Reimbursement page.