Case Study Outcomes Report

The United Kingdom’s NHS in London Borough of Newham shares their summary and outcomes for an internal trial of GPS SmartSole on a young adult with Autism.

Case Study – Mr. M. Miller

M. Miller is a 19 year old male who is living with a learning disability and who also lives at home with his family, Miller is the youngest of 4 children.

The Concern:

Miller is living with a learning disability and likes to go out in the community. If his family are unable to take him out Miller will find away to abscond from the family home. This is a cause for concern for his family as Miller puts himself at risk as he has minimal road awareness. Miller is prone to destroying objects including his mobile phone. When Miller absconds he tends to travel far particularly when he has his oyster. At present when Miller absconds his family will contact the police, but Miller has been known to run away from the police disregarding road traffic.

What solutions can be provided to meet Miller’s needs and support his family?

The Solution:

Miller’s parents discussed several options during an assessment with Adult social services. They chose to have a GPS SmartSole device as it was not an obvious device which would be noticed and be likely to be destroyed by Miller. The GPS would allow for Miller to be monitored when he absconds and, his family will be able to respond quickly without involving the police, this alleviates the risk to Miller as he may run when the police arrive.

The GPS SmartSole would reduce any concerns Miller’s parents have when he absconds from the family home, the family will be able to locate Miller by using such devices as a smart phone, ipad, or computer.

The Outcome:

Mrs. & Mr. Miller, including the rest of the family were all very relieved with the assisted technology device provided. The family feels more confident with knowing that when Miller absconds they will have an instant location for him and he can be collected by one of them.