Customize Geozone Alerts

The GTX Corp Monitoring Portal can send out a variety of alerts that give caregivers an edge.

Create geozones, or circular perimeters, around the addresses of your choice. Then, when the GPS SmartSoles® enter or exit these specified areas, the portal sends alerts via email or text. You can customize which caregivers receive which alerts, and you can pause some geozones which others are active.

Unlimited geozones. Unlimited text/email recipients. Range minimum: 200 meters; maximum: 30,000 meters. Customize zone for arrival/departure/both or uncheck all to disable.


In addition to the customizable Geozone alert feature, configure ‘low battery’ and ‘power on’ alerts to be sent to multiple caregivers via email or text message.

Note: the Geozone alert feature is not included with the Economy Purchasing Option. You can upgrade to Premium service at a later time if you would like to add these GPS tracking alerts.