GTX Corp Tracking App

For caregivers who prefer a mobile experience, we offer the Smart Locator App included with your Monitoring Service plan. In addition to the full GTX Corp Monitoring Portal, which offers a suite of features, customizable settings and analytical reports, the Smart Locator app is a quick and easy way to track your loved one from your mobile devices.

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The Smart Locator app is included with every Monitoring Service plan and will work with most smart phones and tablets. The app can be downloaded at no cost from both the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store.
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Designed with convenience in mind, this app displays the most recent location updates for your GPS SmartSole®. Tap the location history to pin-point the SmartSole on a map, and see a dot marking your currently location in proximity to that pin. Tap the location pin to open your preferred navigation app and generate directions to your GPS SmartSole®.

Our GPS locator app requires just a one-time account login and device set up for instant access, one-touch mapping and navigation assist.

Location History List

Most Recent Location Update at the Top Displays Alert & Status Notifications

Locator App History

Location Mapping

GPS SmartSole Location History In Red Your Current Location In Blue

Locator App Map

Quick Tip: Use the same account login information for the Smart Locator app as for the GTX Corp Monitoring Portal. 

Quick Tip: APPLE-  Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.   ANDROID- Requires operating system 4.0 and up

Quick Tip: Your current location pin, in blue, utilizes the GPS/cellular location services of your mobile device. Similarly, the directions/navigation to your GPS SmartSole® are executed by your preferred navigation app on your mobile device, not Smart Locator.

Quick Tip: For Smart Locator App set up instructions see User Manual page 3.