GPS SmartSole® International Sales

This map displays the regions where GPS SmartSole® is available for purchase through one of our international distributors.

Which international distributor should I use to purchase my GPS SmartSole®?

Like a mobile phone, GPS SmartSole® uses a localized SIM Card tailored to a specific regional GSM/cellular network. As the SIM card is completely sealed within the insole, it cannot be exchanged. Therefore, you must purchase a GPS SmartSole® from the distributor in the region where you wish to use the service. For example, a GPS SmartSole® purchased in the U.S. would not work in Germany and vice versa. Check with your local GPS SmartSole® international distributor for full network coverage details in your area.

If you are a consumer looking to buy a pair, and you don’t see your country, inquire with the distributor that is closest to you. We are constantly adding new countries to our global sales map, so please email us to receive our latest news updates!

If you are a business interested in becoming an International Distributor, find out more about the requirements for representing GPS SmartSole® in your region by visiting our International Distributor’s page.